Preety Padi

I was desperately looking for a Hindustani music teacher in south Bangalore, when one of my theatre friends suggested Smt Sinchana Murthy. My son started his lessons at the age of 8, from Sinchana Murthy mam, I noticed from far he would be busy picking the straws from the mat or fiddled with his music book until it was tattered. To this his music teacher kept her cool but had her own sweet way to discipline him. It’s been over 3 years now, he now sits very calm, attends his regular classes, and has picked up the lessons very well. I see his music teacher treat him like her own child, lovingly, yet firmly to bring the required sincerity in pursuing music. Besides attaining great heights with music and dance , Sinchana Murthy has certification in music therapy and understands the different needs of her students.
By inviting us to the concerts and Baithaks , she gives her students opportunities to hear the classical renditions from other renowned singers. Sinchana Murthy mam aswell creates an annual event to show case their skillful preparation by setting up the stage for all her students. With all these, Pratyush is grooming from a distracted child to now a focused individual. His academic grades have also improved since.
One of the gifted things in life is to seek the guidance of a good teacher, “while mother gives birth to life, a guru gives directions to life. Sinchana Murthy mam is not just a music teacher to our son but a, philosopher and guide to him. Music is long term and life term and we hope and pray we have an everlasting endeavor with Smt. Sinchana Murthy. We thank you for the bottom of heart for guiding our child.
” we are only trying to return just a handful of what we are receiving in abunadace from a dedicated guru “

Preety Padi
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