Music in Education

People are like musical notes, harmony creates magical Melody.

Various studies have found that engagement with music can lead to an overall development of a human-being. The importance of receiving music education, is not only for skill-learning, but also to provide a chance to soothe, restore or create a sense of natural joy and appreciation in the learners

We thrive to create joyful individuals, and we believe musical ‘Sadhana’ is one of the keys. We facilitate and enjoy the learning process, through –Shraddha (perseverance ), Sahana (patience), Smitavadana( pleasantness). We have the teachers trained with these ideologies, to make the learning enjoyable, with the natural flow and without complusions 

Sadhana is one stop destination that caters to various musical needs of the learners. We believe music is for all those who are  ‘committed’ to pursue

Our Programs are designed to bring Indian Music accessible to the learners

We have systematic curriculum to meet the various musical needs for Beginners, Intermidate as well as the Advanced learners

For Beginners, Intermidate & Advanced Learners

Hindustani Classical Music

Hindustani classical music or the Khayal music is the offshoot of Raga Music of Indian Classical tradition. It is also known as North Indian Classical Music which has now spread across the World, with it’s mesmerising and immersive qualities and  vibrant outlook.

Carnatic Classical Music

Carnatic classical music is the other traditional classical music genre, popularly known as south Indian classical music, which has a global appreciation It has retained the core values, divinity and the sanctity of  Raga Music

Light Music

Light music is the offspring of Indian Classical Music.It varies with regional and lingual influences. We at Shree music offer different light music genres like Bhajans and Devotional Songs, Shlokas and Devaranamas, Kannada Bhava Geete, Folk songs and Patriotic songs

Instrumental Music

Indian Music is enriched with various musical instruments. We offer the classes to learn Indian Instruments in its authentic and classical approach. Our team of exclusive musicians who train the students  like – Tabla, Harmonium, Flute, Sitar, Veena and Violin

Services offered in two main formats :

1. One on One Sessions

2.Group Sessions

* All these programs are offered both Online & Offline *

Collaborations with Schools 

We have specially designed programs,that cater to schools and bring Music as one of their subject in their regular curriculum or as a ‘selective’ as a part of their after school activities.

Collaborations with Corporates 

We have Music Professionals assigned to enable positive  work environment and employee work relationship. We offer a chance for renewed energy, dedication, creativity and enthusiasm at the work place for better performances.

Workshops & Seminars  

We have curated workshops & seminars for both public and private groups to make music accessible in a more structured approach. Faculties and experts from different areas are brought into this platform to share their experiences and knowledge.


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