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The string of Melody elevates the Peace of Mind.

‘Sinchana’ is a Sanskrit word that translates to ‘droplet, sprinkle of water’, it can be called as a metaphor to what Music provides to the listener – A Source of Life. 

Sinchana - The Performer 

This part of the SHREE Music is dedicated to Musical performances, Inspired by the founder’s name, Guru Smt. Sinchana Murthy. This is a channel through which most of her performances will be shared with the World. Sinchana has been performing for more than 25 years, in different kinds of Indian Classical Music categories and continues to perform for live and virtual audience through various music management channels. Her multi-talented approach, is not restricted to one genre, but appreciated by music lovers across the globe. 

  • Hindustani Classical Music
  • Kannada Light Music
  • Bhajans & Devotionals 
  • Ghazals & Sufi 

Guru Smt Sinchana Murthy, is a phenomenal blend of Music, Dance and Literature. Her life is a perfect example of a ‘Self-Made’ and an ‘Inclusive’ journey of different artforms.

She is a passionate Musician, A composer, Guru, and an impactful Music Therapist. She is a ‘B High’ Grade artist of All India Radio and DoorDarshan. She is also, a trained Bharatnatyam dancer and also a Kathak practitioner. She is an eloquent writer and poet in Kannada and also an eminent organizer and a charming host of cultural events.

She is a University Topper in Literature with 5 gold medals, an experienced RJ at AIR FM RAINBOW.

She is a classical vocalist, a Music Composer, who has composed and sung for many popular Music albums. She has performed at many prestigious venues and featured on many television shows as well. Guru Smt. Sinchana murthy, is a renowned music Guru who has trained and inspired many aspiring musicians. Her vibrant and dedicated approach towards music is a result of years of perseverance and learning this art as a subject and a way of life.

She is a proud disciple of Pt. Shri MP Hegde, Padigeri, who is a doyan of Gwalior gharana in advanced Hindustani classical Music.

Her deep understanding and systematic approach towards classical music along with the empathy and sensibility towards humanity has enabled her to provide Healing to the World, through Music. She has worked extensively in the the field of Music Therapy, Healing, Psychotherapy and personal counselling. She is a certified Music Therapist from Esteemed University , A Psychotherapist and also an accomplished Art & Movement Therapist. Her all-inclusive and innovative approach, enriches the experience of the client with the inclusion of Mandala Art, Yoga, Reiki and Dance movements

Having years of experience in the art related field, has evolved Guru Smt Sinchana Murthy into an Music Entrepreneur. Her deep insights and eminent associations with different art forms and artists has inspired her to envision ‘Shree Music’

Her unbiased and unprejudiced approach towards Dance, Music and Literature has made her an exclusive and unique persona of a global acclaim. To serve the World with power of music is her sole vision. As we can tell, she is a unique and perfect amalgamation of many forms of art and entrepreneurships.

She, as a relentless Seeker, continues to explore her vast, endless journey through ‘Shree Music’.

Born and brought up in the city of Shimoga, Karnataka, in a very culturally rich family and an environment which motivated her to take up art. She did her former education and college at Shimoga. Her parents, Shri K.S . Narashimha Murthy and Smt. Shaila Murthy were AIR artists who worked towards for the upliftment of music, in different parts of Karnataka.

From an early age, Murthys recognized her natural and profound inclination towards dance and music, and they supported her passion in all the ways. Her Father was instrumental in blending Literature, Dance and Music for a wholesome experience. And her Mother provided her a strong support throughout her learning career and also motivated her to take up art as a profession.

During her early days at school, Sinchana was very active in the performing circles, reality shows and cultural events . At the age of 16, she was a known figure across many cities and received many awards and accolades, that gave her the inspiration to take up Art as her priority.

Sinchana’s first guru Vidhwaan Shri Shimoga Venugopal laid a firm foundation on the fundamentals of music. Her love for the classical dance form was nourished by the eminent guru Vidhushi Smt Geeta Datar, who later trained her to be an efficient teacher. She later pursued Bharatnatyam also under Kalamandalam Vidushi Smt. Usha Datar.

Her musical journey was later guided by Vidhushi Vasudha Sharma with the skills of performance. Her destiny provided her with the opportunity to learn from Vidhushi Smt Geeta Hedge, Bangalore. Along with musical learning, she was also guided by Hedges to be an entrepreneur and a music organizer.

Vidhushi Smt Geeta Hedge also initiated Sinchana on the path of teaching music and eventually become a Guru herself. However, Her deep love for learning music to the advance levels thrived, that consequently led her to become a senior disciple of Pt. Shri MP Hegde, Padigeri, the doyan of Gwalior Gharana.

Another instrumental guru in her spiritual journey has been Dr. G.B. Harish, who is a Tantra Philosopher and a popular writer, critic, a literary genius. She considers him to be a big influence in envisioning ‘Shree Music’.

She is ably supported and encouraged by her husband Shri Sadashiv Bhat, who is also a classical vocalist and a well-known music Entrepreneur.

  • ‘B High’ grade artiste of All India Radio Bangalore-2013
  • State award winner of Kannada light Music-2005
  • Recipient of scholarship from Karnataka Sangeetha Nrutya Academy for Indian music–2006
  • Recipient of Debnandan Smruthi Yuva Prasasthi for Hindustani Classical Music- 2011
  • Recipient of ‘YuvaChetana‘ award for Indian music–2006

Performed at various prestigious stages like Karavali Utsav, Dasara Utsava, Mysore, Kodachadri Utsava, Sahyadri Utsava Shimoga. She has performed at many cultural events and venues in Bangalore, some of them are – Chandanotsava, Udyanadalli udayaraaga, Cubbon park , Janapada Jatre, Lal bagh , Palace Grounds, IISC, Space Untitled, JustBe, Rashtrotthana Parishad, Goa kannada Sangha and many such.

She has also given many performances in Radio shows and TV shows like in Vividha Bharathi, Big FM, E Tv Kannada, Suvarna, Shri Shankara, Udaya TV, Janashri etc.

She has been a lead vocalist and music director for Jago Bharat, a nationalist campaign headed by Shri Chakravarthi Sulibele.

She is also, respected Classical Music faculty at Jeevana Yoga Pratishtana, Bangalore. She has volunteered in various cultural organizations in Bangalore, such as , ViVekaHamsa, Sapthak, Ananya Pratishana, Nritya Darpan, Untitled Art Foundation. She is also a music faculty at Kampananka, Tele Radio.

For over 10 years, she has been a Cultural Secretary at Unnati Seva Trust, along with her husband Shri Sadashiv Bhat, who is also a Hindustani vocalist par excellence. She is a co-host of The Month End Bhaithak series concerts which was presented by Unnati Seva Trust, which was highly appreciated amongst the classical music fraternity.

She has produced, directed and choreographed many dance ballets like Sthree– Story of Universal Womenhood, Gupta Gamini – a ballet on the life of Maa Sharada. Karnataka Vaibhava – a ballet on the vibrant Karnataka. Vasudeva Kutumbakam – ballet on universal brotherhood.

Her performance is famously known for its ‘immersive experience’ and lyrical clarity

Her journey as a ‘Guru’ was a natural transition from her own life as a disciple of music. She has been teaching Indian Classical Music in Bangalore since 2010. She has effectively used the technology to offer her teachings, with adhering to the principle of the ‘Guru Shishya parampara’. She is been guiding a large number of students, which include different age groups (5 to 75) and different backgrounds. She encourages them to perform and provide many oppurtunities through regular concerts and participation in volunteering work .

What time and again stands out with Sinchana is the unique blend of bringing together the three powerful artforms. Sinchana says – Her process primarily revolves around deriving the ‘Nada’ from music, ‘Abhivyakti’ from dance and the ‘Bhava’ from literature.

She felt that each of these art-forms were instrumental in deepening her understanding of eachother. She says – ‘Art is considered as an entertainment- For Vilaasa, but underneath, there is an experience, which elevates the human conscious to the universal level – Vikasa.

She associates these artforms with the spiritual and super conscious experience. Shree Music is a dream that has manifested on these values

Sinchana - The Music Entreprenuer 

‘Sinchana’ has been active at organizing concerts since a few years. It is dedicated towards creating platforms for exceptional talents and develop a dedicated audience for Indian Music. The idea is to create a bridge between the Performer and the Audience.

One of the biggest responsibility at ‘Sinchana’ is to build and create a space to not only  encourage people to listen to Indian Music, but also make  them embrace this tradition and propagate this heritage of the Country, that we proudly stand for.

Guru Smt Sinchana Murthy , has been the co-host in curating the ‘The Month End Baithaks’, which was organized by Unnati Seva Trust to encourage classical music. Consequently, she has been co-hosting many such musical concerts and performances for various cultural organizations.

Shree - The Music Collective

‘Shree’ the music band is curated and managed by Guru Smt Sinchana Murthy herself. This band is crafted by bringing together musicians and artists as per the requirement of the platform. This band caters to all the Indian music genre.

Regular Curated Events at Sinchana

“Sammilan” (Musical Meet)

These concerts are organized to give a platform for Music Events, where the students of Shree Music showcase a performance with the guest artists. The intention behind this is to develop listener-ship among the learners. We also facilitate many talented artists through these events.

“Aangan Mein Sargam”

These are mainly organized for and by all the people pursuing courses at Shree Music. It is a musical performance for a private crowd across different venues or their exclusive spaces. The main theme being – to promote Indian Music. These are designed to encourage their performing and stage presence.


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