Music for the Community

Music is the easiest way to connect the body with Soul, and the Self with the Universe

Shree Music is not limited only to individual benefits. We want every community to experience the magic of music together. That’s why SPANDANA was conceived, to be that bridge in connecting the various communities to participate and indulge in musical experiences

With an aim to empower different communities through alternative means of emotional expression, SHREE music has devised music sessions to help them learn, accept and express themselves and build bonds with others

We are on a mission to create a safe and non-judgemental environment. To quote the founder  – “What we give to the community gets multiplied, that is why Spandana stands as a universal art-form, that everyone can access”.

‘Spandana’ focuses a lot on forming unique kind of music collaborations, with the underlined spirit of ‘Inclusiveness’. Because, we strongly, believe MUSIC IS FOR EVERYONE

We are on the look-out to help and connect with communities that work towards the upliftment of various parts of society like – Orphanages, Transgender Community, Lake rejuvenation communities, Old-age Homes and Causes that work towards eco-friendly and sustainable living 

Spandana for Environment

Music impacts all kinds of eco-systems, and therefore we have dedicated a segment that works towards the betterment of our immediate environment with the implementations of the concepts of Sustainability and Eco-friendly lifestyle

Spandana for Community

Shree Music’s ideology is ‘Music For All’. Here we make sure that music is offered to every part of the community. With our programs, we try to bring a difference through Music. And encourage musical participation

Spandana for Lesser Priviledged

One of our Founder’s key vision is to make music possible for those who cannot afford. With this segment we make sure our programs reach the many communities like Old-age homes, Orphanages, Transgender communities and many such lesser privileged parts of the society

Spandana for CSR

Music activities are encouraged through Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) via this program. This is an exclusive outreach oppurtunity for us to work with the corporates in implementing our services

Shree Music Collective for Spandana

‘Shree’ the music collective that is curated by the Founder herself. It is a Musical band that is dedicated to conduct memorable musical events as an effort to reach out to as many communities.This band caters to all the Indian music genre


Interested in Spandana? 

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