Music as A Therapy

Music reaches, where words cannot. Music heals, what medicines cannot.

‘Saanthvana’ embodies two essential aspects of SHREE Music – Music Therapy and Healing. Though it is certainly not a new concept to Indian Culture, where there is a strong foundation of Raga Music. Music Therapy still is in the infant stage in India when it comes to clinical approach, but we do understand the need for a proper therapist is increasing. We are here to help you witness the Power of Music and the Miracles it is capable of

We strongly believe in bringing back the magic of music to the everyday life. Our ancestors lived a life where music was a part of their routine. Music was included in their everyday ritual, for example in chanting of mantras, offering prayers, kitchen chores, or working in fields. It was serving as a beautiful tool to express, relax and communicate within the society

But the modern World lifestyle is visibly disconnected with music and therefore is resulting in increased amount of anxiousness, stress and the drop in the quality of life. Therefore, to bring back Music in our everyday lives, has become even more important

Sessions at ‘Saanthvana’ are oriented towards the re-installation of the harmony between mind, body and soul. The holistic Approach for the Programs offered at Saanthvana are Inclusive & Inter-disciplinary 

Music Therapies Offered

Pre-natal Therapy

The best part of the foetus is that the brain development happens when the baby is in the womb of the mother. Being in sync with proper and guided music will enhance not only the baby’s development but as well help strengthening the will power of the expecting Mother

Therapy for Children

Music serves as the innovative tool for children to express their feelings and communicate easily through music. Music therapy for children helps them in improving their memory, build attention skills and focus. It helps in overcoming the fear of performance as well

Stress Management

Music is of great help for those who suffer from anxiety and stress which is the outcome of modern Day Lifestyle. Music therapy focuses on bringing back the balance of mind and help in channelizing the energy levels on affirmative actions

Mental Health

Music does miracles with people who are into depression, or experience mood swings and anxiety issues

We have a team of experienced Music therapists with certifications from recognized universities who handle every client with precision and sensitivity. People with Alzheimer and memory loss issues can also benefit from it

General Well-being

A well-balanced and coordinated lifestyle can be achieved through music therapy, as it allows shedding off negative thoughts and provides constant inspiration 

 Music can operate on deeper levels, it can improve mental health, boost moods and reduce the intensity of pain and worries 

Shree Music Collective

‘Shree’ the music collective that is curated by the Founder herself. It is a Musical band that is dedicated to conduct memorable musical events as an effort to reach out to as many communities.This band caters to all the Indian music genre.

Alternate Therapies Offered

Clinical Approach for Chronic Illnesses

Music therapy does miracles with patients who are suffering from chronic diseases like cancer, paralysis, heart diseases. It enables the patient to cope up with the stress of various treatments and build endurance in handling the pain.

Art & Movement Therapy

A Guided Art & Movement Therapy will allow the client, to express more effectively and release their deep sub-conscious level of emotional blockages and thoughts

These Art & Movement Therapy is facilitated by Musical Interventions 

Psychotherapy & Personal Counselling

Shree Music is a non-judgemental and safe space where the emotional and cognitive needs of the patients are addressed.

In this part, they are handled by Psychotherapy or personal counselling sessions. 


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