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Enhance your life with Music

Shree Music is a dream come true for the Founder Smt Sinchana Murthy and her vision of presenting Music as a medium to Renew our Individual lives and Society. Shree Music’s true spirit lies in this famous Sanskrit hymn, Shishurvetti Pashurvetti Vetti Ganarasam Phanih, which translates to – The soul of music is such that, it’s essence can be experienced by all  creatures, be it a child, an animal or a vicious snake. It has the power to soothen our soul and bring harmony to our mind and body

Come Experience the Magic of Music

Our Programs

The programs at Shree Music are designed to bring the magic of Music enter your lives and provide an opportunity to experience Musical possibilities.These 4 programs are specifically designed by us to give you a 360 degree view of music and association 

 Saanthvana focuses on Therapeutic elements of Music, it mainly provides a medium for Music Therapy. Designed specially for healing purposes and meet psychological needs of the individuals

Saadhana is a platform to learn and explore Indian Music. This program is based on the ‘Guru Shishya Parampara’. We interpretate ‘Saadhana’ as ‘Saa-Dhyana’ – meditating on the very fundamentals of learning

Sinchana is dedicated to Musical Performances, here we aim at being an efficient channel that bridges the artist with the audience. Through Sinchana, we bring Harmony between a Musical performance and Experience

Spandana envisions that ‘Music is For All’. This is a musical way to give back to our society. This is a program dedicated to Elevate the society through Musical experiences

Messages from Gurus

Feel better with Music

Music has always been a part of our everyday lives, the pitter-pattering of rains, the steady flow of our prayer songs and the soft clicks on your laptops. It is a beautiful tool to express ourselves, experience feelings, communicate and to bring us all together. It makes our lives better, giving us a space to relax, to reform and most importantly, to revel the beauty of our body, mind and soul. Music is everything!

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