Prof. Savitha Rao

Sinchana ,as the name says, to inspire , to sprinkle ,so is she.Her bondage with music started when ever before she opened her sparkling eyes to see this colourful world.Her mother is a singer .Her love for music made Sinchana tread into the path less travelled.Her mesmerising voice has attracted many like me.

From the days I’ve seen her, she has been very inspiring and creative on her singing .Moreover one can see the desire of spiritualism in her dances too.Her selection of songs in different occasions speaks of her strong convictions and unyielding willpower.

Sinchanas recent involvement in Mandala Art shoes her electric creativity and inventiveness.I can only vouch that any one can trust her as she makes them feel secure I. Her music and art .She thinks outside the box which shows her originality .Be it dance , music or any art .Sichanas thoughts are unique and attracts any lay man too.

Lucky is Sinchana to have found herself a life partner Mr.Sadashiv who is not just a singer but also a connoisseur of music.Her life’s journey in music .Her life’s journey in music continues with her parents ,husband and her cute son!
She along with her husband has been serving Goddess Saraswati by organising closed house concerts .She has been encouraging young artists like her to shine as starts in the sky .I just pray May in the sky.I just pray,May her tribe grow and further enrich the musical arena.

Prof. Savitha Rao
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