Acharya Arun Prakash

Any Indian traditional art forms, originally is a vehicle to elevate Human beings to the peak of awareness. As the scriptures say ” Saa vidya yaa vimukthaye”, these classical art forms are designed in a way to achieve Enlightenment. But recently, the loss of Guruparampara led to consider these celestial Art Forms only as Entertainment.
The dream and objectives of ‘Shree Music’ headed by Guru Sinchana Ji, strives to contribute to the upliftment of the authenticity and values of Indian Traditional Music forms.

Sinchana Ji’s command over the purity of Art, passion towards the classicality, commitment, punctuality and her unquestionable concern about the learners is highly recommendable.
My sincere Prayers for ‘Shree Music’ and Sinchana Ji, to reach Indian Music to each and every needed soul of this Universe.

Acharya Arun Prakash
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